Synermulch Tackifiers

Syn­er­mulch devel­ops and man­u­fac­tures 100% plant-based organic tack­i­fiers cus­tomized for high per­for­mance in some of the harsh­est envi­ron­ments in the world.  Our in-house lab­o­ra­to­ries pro­vide the capa­bil­ity to develop new organic poly­mers rapidly and com­pet­i­tively for the diverse mar­kets required by our cus­tomers.

Our Syn­er­mulch lab­o­ra­tory also metic­u­lously selects our syn­thetic poly­acry­lamide (PAM) tack­i­fiers with both per­for­mance and the envi­ron­ment in mind.

Syn­er­mulch brings over 30 years of lab­o­ra­tory and man­u­fac­tur­ing expe­ri­ence to the tack­i­fier sec­tor.  We stand behind our prod­uct.  Our engi­neers, chemists, and biol­o­gists are always avail­able to aid our part­ners and cus­tomers in iden­ti­fy­ing the right prod­uct for the job.  Tack­i­fiers play a crit­i­cal role in mulch per­for­mance and a well-designed tack­i­fier will both pre­serve mois­ture for seed ger­mi­na­tion, and bond the mulch together.  Our phi­los­o­phy is that the best form of ero­sion pro­tec­tion is rapid re-establishment of a healthy plant com­mu­nity, so our tack­i­fiers are designed to reg­u­late water avail­abil­ity to ger­mi­nat­ing seedlings and allow mois­ture to per­co­late into the soil where estab­lish­ing plants need it most.  Our phi­los­o­phy is that a good tack­i­fier will inte­grate the mulch to the soil and act as a bar­rier to soil water loss.